Sunday, 29 April 2012

I never stopped thinking of you

I never stopped thinking of you
How I lost my precious angel
The girl I promised to never hurt
Now thinks I'm sent from hell

Listening to songs that remind of you
Of how you used to love me
Of how you were always the strong one
Of how I will be forever lonely

No one has yet to make my heart
Beat faster than you did
Maybe I may have met the one
But my actions have lost me your bid

Fate decided I was wrong for you
And I couldn't agree more
I had no right to ever say you were mine
I wasted your love, and what for?

So I could say I am only hers
That I always want to be with her
To chain her to my side
And demand she sees no other?!

What a fool I was
Now I am the joke in the room
I even asked her to marry me one time
But she will be a bride; I just won't be the groom

I only wish fate will have better for her
I will never live in peace until I know
That the girl I still love is happy with another
And that she'll forget this fool and let me go

Thursday, 26 April 2012

REMEMBER ME GIGI............

One and Only - Adele (Lyrics)

Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics)

Kenny G - The Wedding Song

אני לא יכולה להפסיק לבכות היום
העולם שלי יצא דרך הדלת
היא לקחה איתה את לבי
כי אני אוהב יותר
השעות חלפו כמו שניות
כאשר הלבבות שלנו היו שני 1
שניות חלפו כמו שעות
אחרי שהיא אמרה שהיא עושה
היא תאהב אותי לנצח
לפחות זה מה שהיא אמרה
הלב שלה שייך למישהו אחר
זה מה במכתבה לקרוא
אני חי כבר לא בצבע
העולם שלי הוא שחור ולבן
אני תמיד תוהה מה היא עושה
בעודי שוכב ער בלילה
אני מקווה מחר טוב יותר
זה מה שאני מתפלל
אבל עכשיו הלב שלי נשבר

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Missing You

I can't stop crying today
My world walked out the door
With her she took my heart
For I will love no more
The hours passed like seconds
When our two hearts were one
The seconds passed like hours
After she said that she was done
She was going to love me forever
At least that is what she said
Her heart belonged to someone else
That is what her letter read
I no longer live in color
My world is black and white
I always wonder what she is doing
As I lie awake at night
I hope tomorrow is better
This is what I pray
But right now my heart is broken
I can't stop crying today